Chapter 3

Forms of Entanglement
Tentative notes for approaching the ecocide-genocide-epistemicide knot

Participants: Demian DinéYazhi’, Mia Edelgart, Anna Ling & Agnes Nanogak

Kunsthal Charlottenborg
Nyhavn 1
1650 København K

7/12 2017 – 14/1 2018

The extinction of life does not only concern biodiversity. Human and non-human forms of life and languages, cultures, communities and world views are also being eliminated. What does this destructive development tell us about Western modernity and its narrative of human exceptionalism? How can we understand Earth’s assemblages of life, their interdependency and our connections to them?

Forms of Entanglement is an attempt to look at these conditions as the ecocide-genocide-epistemicide knot. An entangled process where the violation of nature, people and ways of understanding the world fold into and condition each other. The exhibition thematises the implications of Eurocentric knowledge hierarchies and multi-species interdependency. These are big perspectives for a small exhibition, which should be understood as tentative notes, an attempt at addressing some of the questions the acute conditions of the planet urge us to raise, if we want to avoid the 6th mass extinction being our final accomplishment.